Ips-Qos software is designed for installation on computers running Linux.
It can also operate as a  virtual router under MS Windows operating system in a  VMware machine running Linux  .
It was intended to give administrators more control over a shared internet connection.

Key Features of Ips-Qos:
   Ips - a flexible easy-to-use  configurable  firewall  with the ability to control access to internet (or selected services) from a LAN,
   Qos - a traffic shaping tool. that measures and controls the traffic load for every computer (or class of computers and services) in a LAN.

Simple PC installed with Ips-Qos software can operate as a router / bridge controlling internet connection at firm, office or home.
Applied in place of cheap "plastic" routers offers functionality of high-end routers for very low price.
On the other hand, Ips-Qos can be an unique enhancement for servers or more complex PC-based routers.